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Participation, release, and consent

(Includes Photo and Video Release)

PARENTS AND GUARDIANS: Please complete this form for each child you are registering.

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I, the undersigned, consent to my child/children’s participation in the Tucson Youth Music education program. I agree that my child will be accompanied at group, private lessons, performances, and recitals by a parent/guardian or a person listed in the Pick-Up Authorization Form.

I agree to hold the Tucson Youth Music harmless against any liability, loss or expense incurred or suffered as a result of my child’s participation in the music education program, including and not limited to loss, injury, or expenses in traveling to and from music lessons and program events. I understand that, as with any activity, there are risks to my child. I therefore agree to assume these risks and to hold the Tucson Youth Music Center harmless with any action or actions, suit or suits, in law or equity, which may be brought by any person or persons in connection with, or with reference to, the administration, planning, preparation, development, conduct, and execution of their music programs. I understand that my child will participate in the Tucson Youth Music education program from the date of this Agreement until withdrawn.


I fully understand that my child might be in contact with the press and the general public at recitals, performances, or fundraising events. Also, it may be necessary for TYMC staff, volunteers, teachers, or photographers/videographers to photograph or video Tucson Youth Music Center students to advertise the program or for other purposes. I also understand that I give permission for TYMC staff, volunteers, teachers, or photographers/videographers to photograph or video my child and use such photographs or video in print and/or online publications, presentations, websites, and social media for promotional or other use by the Tucson Youth Music Center. I also understand that no royalty, fee or other compensation shall become payable to me by reason of such use. Such photographs or video will not be sold or used for any other purposes except as noted above. Only your child’s initials or first name will appear.

Participation Form
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