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While music lessons are the foundation to acquiring musical proficiency, lessons are even more effective when they lead to a performance experience for the children. Our youth music program emphasizes performing as a key developmental step for our youth.

With the onset of Covid and the subsequent elimination of in-person recitals, our TYMC team has been creating a series of Virtual Mini-Recitals. Check out these important student performance experiences by clicking on the links, below. 

We are also pleased to bring you individual student performances. Enjoy the efforts of our youth music program’s young musicians, from our earliest beginners to our more seasoned performers. (Tony, I will have the individual performances sent to you.)

We look forward to returning to our full student performance schedule, which includes in-person recitals, chorus and theater productions, and opportunities for the children to perform at luncheons, receptions, and other events in the greater Tucson area.


Coming Soon!