Q&A with Past TYMC Student: Kenneth Saufley Jr

What you do…Trumpet Performance, Music Education. I used to compose, at TYMC I studied with Alexander Tentser, and I was pretty good at writing contrapuntal contraptions, and even got into some Romantic style harmonies. I currently teach at TYMC. Musical interests… I like the Music of Bach, Mahler, and Bruckner; I recently started listening to […]

Q&A with Past TYMC Student: Joanna L. Amphayvong

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What you do…I am teaching violin and orchestra for 4th-8th grade students at Grijalva Elementary, Tully Magnet Elementary, and Mary Belle McCorkle Academy of Excellence K-8.I am a graduate of Music Education at the Fred Fox School of Music (FFSOM) at the University of Arizona. Musical interests… My musical interest is classical music, playing the […]

Q&A with Past TYMC Student: Josh Gastelum

What you do…I am music composition major at the Fred Fox School of Music, University of Arizona. Musical interests…I work with church musicians for non-profit events and I’m working towards becoming a professional composer. I love to listen, play and compose classical music (particularly programmatic works)! I occasionally play in Christian/worship bands or help write […]

Q&A with Past TYMC Student: Elizabeth Amphayvong

What you do…I am currently a student at the University of Arizona as a freshman, my major is Biology. I am currently working at the PSU Market (Park Student Union Market). Musical interests…I play the flute in my church orchestra and like to listen to classical and Christian music. Musical accomplishments…I enjoying playing flute in […]

Q&A with Past TYMC Student: Joshua Amphayvong

What you do… I am in the Air Force. Musical interests… I like all kinds of music! I am currently playing the cello in my church orchestra. Musical accomplishments… I studied guitar for about five years then switched over to the cello and choir for about three years at Tucson Music Youth Center. Once I […]

Q&A with Past TYMC Student: Daniel Saufley

Taking music lessons at the Tucson Youth Music Center was an important part of my musical journey, as TYMC is what started me on the path I am on now. Because the classes I was able to take gave me the opportunities to find myself and discovery who I am through music, and how it […]

Q&A with Past TYMC Student: Margaret Eubanks

What you do… I am studying Early Childhood Education at Pima Community College and working as a private swim lesson instructor. What you remember about your experience at TYMC…  I played piano at Tucson Youth Music Center many years and loved how my instructors would sincerely want to see me improve. Their positive feedback would […]

Q&A with Past TYMC Student: Emily Dickinson

What you do… I play keyboards/synth in the indie-pop band Paper Jackets. I also get hired for music videos, tv spots, and hired gun for tours. Musical interests… Everything!! Country – Classical – Pop – Rock – Soundtracks – and more. I always say, “If it’s good, it’s good.” Musical accomplishments… Too many to count. […]